Michael Welsh : Goodbye (Totes For Real) 😦  August 13th 2011

Favoring the act of making over traditional conventions of taste.

If painting is so dead what’s the point?  A series of paintings exploring the physiological pleasure derived from the simple act of making.

Images of this show found here:

Carl Klimt: National Register of Historic Places, October 13th 2011

Carl Klimt investigates the historical markers of the W.S. Salmon House (built 1890) in the W.S. Salmon House/ΜΕΣ(s)Α Project Space over a period of one week.

Images of this show found here:    Carl Klimt’s blog

Jake Myers: Short Court, October 28th 2011

足球 ,ποδόσφαιρο, voetbal, Fußball, le football, calico, futebol, футбол, fútbol, football, soccer. Whatever you may call it the current installation Short Court by artist Jake Myers explores the interplay between player, spectatorship, and the specific spatial limitations found at ΜΕΣ(s)Α Project Space. While Myers’s video work, sculptures and installations are formally diverse they are strengthened and placed under his coinage and thematic concerns of Relational Athletics. Jake Myers lives, works, and teaches in Chicago. Myers was a curator at the Pentagon Gallery in Chicago and has exhibited work at the Current Gallery in Baltimore, The Milk Factory Gallery in Chicago, and at Viracocha in San Francisco

Short Court Rules Instructional Video:

Images of this show found here:

Jake Myers’s website and interview:,

Daniel Glendening

John Knight

Review by Lisa Radon:

Nan Curtis

Chris Smith

Arnold J. Kemp


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