Chicago based artist Chris Smith @ ΜΕΣ(s)Α Friday April 20th 6-9pm

A Dymaxion Map of the Corpse of Ymir 

On display will be a collection of necessary futile proposals serving as harbingers of a new back to the land movement. The title of the exhibit is taken from the centerpiece of the show, a reworking of my father’s exhumed Whole Earth catalog redesigned to include landscapes from Norwegian Black Metal album covers.  The combination of the ideals of the catalog and the album covers inspired by Norse mythology propose an entirely new meaning to the phrase “back to the land”.  Other necessary futile proposals include an imploding archive of outdated scientific images and landscapes, the truth about the Loch Ness monster, bad deliveries of bad jokes as an effort towards transendence, cast off guffaws, and more.

From Ymir’s flesh the earth was formed,

          and from his bones the hills,
          the heaven from the skull of that ice-cold giant
          and from his blood the sea.
We are all astronauts on spaceship Earth.

C.Smith works in sculpture, drawing, archiving, and the development of micro-institutions.  He has shown at countless artist run spaces in Chicago and has hosted exhibitions out of his apartment in a number of capacities. Most notably he has organized exhibitions to take place in his medicine cabinet at +medicine cabinet.  He has also organized ad hoc computer labs showcasing animated GIFs at the Octagon and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.  He is currently involved in curating a cemetery at his new outdoor space the TERRAFORMER.


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