John Knight at ΜΕΣ(s)Α Project Space Friday February 24th 6-9

John Knight– Statement- ΜΕΣ(s)Α Project Space – Meaningless Less Meaning
It is probably less interesting to interpret the meaning of a ready-made, checkered bed sheet, or one depicting a moonlit, galloping horse, that to realize that this throwaway image-in its very meaninglessness – is here being reclaimed as pure means.1 In other words, such a gesture doesn’t care to fulfill any particular end to succeed in accomplishing some ultimate significance or work.2 Filling the space as it does, it exhibits the “place” of painting, and returns this place to its own possibility.3

1 John Kelsey, Rich Texts: Selected Writings for Art – “Stop Painting Painting”, (Sternberg Press, 2010), 195. How does this exhibition relate to this text? Meaningless Less Meaning…what?

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